Shipping Rates

Ah yes- The Question of Shipping

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Well my friends, next to “packaging” the biggest hairpullerouter is “Shipping”.  How to Calculate the shipping rate correctly? How to set up flat rates, or should each package be rated individually according to their weight? How to list different types of shipping to different areas?  How to add in the cost of the shipping packaging?  How to balance single product orders with multiple product orders when calculating base weighs to rates ratios…… It really is surprising that I have any hair left, if you want to know the truth!

Basically, I’ve looked at all the options, and quite frankly most of them either cost a ridiculous amount for specialized software, or they leave big questions wide open: who’s getting the short end of the stick, the client or the company?

Let me give you an example:
1 100ml bottle of lotion or serum weighs approximately 115 grams.  Add in the shipping packaging, the weight is usually around 190 grams.  Seems pretty simple.  Until you add in a second product- because that second product doesn’t double the price, or even add an even 115 grams to the total. No, 2 bottles usually works out to 335 grams.  And guess what?  No shipping calculators actually calculate shipping that way!  Totally messed up, right? 

Then there is the fact that I always like to throw in a sample here and there of a new product, which adds to the weight of the over all package and then completely tosses all the variable automatic shipping calculators right out the window!

So how DO I figure out the shipping?

I’m not going to lie to ya.  Sometimes I literally have to guess.   I mean, I know the weight of the product, and I can weigh a sample or booket, (the bubble wrap is a guestimate… have you ever tried to weigh bubble wrap?!), then I look up the address on our local postage online calculator and type in the guestimated weight, then ADD 2 -3 euros for the shipping packaging (we currently have to buy it from the post office, but I’m working on that!), and send the total shipping cost to our client (sometimes with multiple rates depending on type of shipping they want, ie: fast, super fast, or snailmailslow), via email, and send them a paypal link so that they can pay the shipping separately that way.

Yea, long and convoluted, I know!  And sometimes my guestimates can be off by a bit and the client ends up either over paying or underpaying.

So here is what I’ve come up with to make this easier on everyone.  I will either send you an estimate once you’ve placed your order (simple for 2 or 3 bottles) and if that shipping quote is too high, I will give you a shop credit for the extra you paid. OR…..Once I’ve shipped your products out to you, I will email you and let you know the EXACT total of the shipping, (this will be done for large orders), and that amount can be paid via PayPal, separately.  No really, this will be the easiest way for the moment. (or until I can find a shipping calculator that will do what I want!).

To give you a basic idea of the shipping rates before hand, I’ve created this small graph:

And Yes, the shipping rates to the UK are actually correct!  bizarre eh?

If you are concerned with the shipping costs, or would like to know the shipping costs (approximate) in advance, feel free to email me and let me know what you’d like to  order and I’ll work it out for you and email you an estimate.

PS: if you live in Gozo, I’ll deliver your order for FREE myself :>)