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We have searched the globe for the most pure, natural essences from the Garden.

Every Single Oil & Essence we use is 100% PURE: No additives, No chemicals, No toxins.

Only the very best from the Garden.

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Argan Oil, 100ml         15.00 euro

Black Seed Oil, 100ml    15.00 euro

SOS Serum, 100ml     16.00 euro

Shipping quotes provided with email order.

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While true Beauty comes from within each and everyone of us, Gaea's Gardens provides every thing we need to bring that glow out for the world to see. We have searched the globe to bring you the most pure, natural essences from our global garden. Every Single Oil, Essence, Mineral, Herb and Clay that we use has been verified to be 100% PURE: No additives, No chemicals, No toxins, No perfumes, and NO Fillers. Our reputation stands on providing only the very best that this garden we live in has to offer.

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Argan Oil: Liquid Gold

Argan Oil has been used for centuries by Berber tribes women to protect their hair and skin from the harsh dry desert elements. Modern science has discovered that Argan Oil is a “Super Food” for your skin, providing essential nutrients and antioxidants that smooths all skin types, moisturizing & hydrating, defending and healing your skin from premature aging. Our Gaea's Garden Pure Argan Oil is cold pressed, 5 times filtered, and 100% Organic, undiluted & untainted, with NO added fillers, preservatives, colours or perfumes.

We are Launching Gaea's Garden with a focus on the Oils that we know everyone loves the most, and with our newest addition to our Skincare line: S.O.S. Serum.

We will be relaunching some of your favorite products again very soon, and will be introducing NEW products and NEW sizes over the next few months. 

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