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Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil with C60 fullerenes…Coming soon!

AND our C60 Oils are available in 100ml glass bottles!

Introducing our newest facial serum

We wanted to cover all the bases with this serum, so we’ve used ingredients that fix… just about everything!

C60 Oils Update:

Due to a world wide C60 fullerene shortage in Aug/Sept, all of our Batches of C60 oils have been delayed by 3-4 weeks.  We have just received our C60 shipment and have begun spinning the next batches of Argan C60 and Black Seed C60.  These batches will be ready for shipping between Oct 31- Nov 3rd.

We will be launching our Newest C60 in the next week for pre-orders: Hemp Seed C60!!  Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil, cold pressed and bottled in Europe, with C60 fullerenes!! 

And this week we will be launching our new size bottle for Argan C60, Black Seed C60 and now Hemp Seed C60: 100ml glass bottles will be available in the next batches!!

Our purest organic Oils have been infused with C60 Fullerenes!  All of the incredible benefits of Argan and Black Seed Oil, with the amazing addition of C60 to take it to the next level!

C60 Fullerenes, are a newly discovered natural Carbon molecule that has taken the medical research world by storm.

Countless studies showed that C60 Fullerenes exhibit incredible potential in biology and medicine, including UV and radioprotection, antiviral, antioxidant activities, allergic response inhibitions, immune stimulating and anti-tumour effects, and even hair-growing activity.

Want to know more about C60 Fullerenes? Please visit our Research Page for an extensive listing of scientific and medical studies and papers on the benefits of C60

C60 Pre-Sale launch

Find out more about our Pure Argan C60 & Black Seed C60

C60 Research

Extensive listings of scientific on the benefits of C60

Order your C60 here

Visit our shop to place your pre-sale order

Summer is HERE!!

Too much Sun can turn a lovely Summer Day into a miserable experience. If you’ve gotten a bit too much sun, relief is just a drop or two away!!

Our S.O.S Rescue Serum is made with pure Argan Oil & Black Seed Oil, with added essential oils to sooth and ease the burn, bringing quick relief to your poor singed skin!

S.O.S Serum was made with to soothe and relieve sunburns, but our ingredients also bring broad spectrum relief to many skin issues, including: insect bites, dermatitis & allergic rashes, itchy irritated skin,  and it even soothes  jelly fish stings!

Give the Gift of Pure & Natural Skincare!

Summer is Here! Flowers are lovely… or perhaps something a little bit different? 

Pure & Natural Skincare for a special person in your life!

Life is like a box of chocolates...you never know what you're gonna get!

… And sometimes life is like a B grade horror movie crossed with a 70’s rock opera with a dash of Monty Python thrown in just for kicks!! No matter what life throws at us, we have to keep our balance and at least pretend to move through it with a sense of humor. But sometimes… that’s just not so easy.  Introducing GGs Easy Emergency Essences!

It's a Balmy Day!

Our skin is our defensive cover, our "force field" to protect our internal organs and systems. But for all that our skin is an amazing protective and multipurpose organ, it needs lots of love ,care, healing and protection itself! Cuts, scrapes, burns, abrasions, and irritations all leave our skin vunerable to further damage and infections, which means we have to look after the little things so that they don't become big things!

Our ingredients truly are exceptional, and well worth reading about.  You may have heard about “Argan Oil” or even used a few essential oils, but do you really know WHY they are so amazing?  Argan Oil is called Liquid Gold for a very good reason, and Black Seed Oil has been called the “cure to everything except death” for over two thousand years….. I guarantee, you’ll want to do a bit of research on these excellent oils!

Everyone should know EXACTLY what goes into every product that they are putting on their skin.  Do your OWN research, because your skin is worth every bit of knowledge you gain.

Argan Oil: Liquid Gold

Black Seed Oil: Nigele Sativa

Essential Oils & Essences

"I keep this treasure bag of emergency essences with me at ALL times! I am using each and every one of them daily, for me and for my 3 younger special needs children. For those times when chaos hits, over scheduled days, when i'm feeling out of balance, when the childrens ADHD brains are moving faster than their mouths and body can handle, or at night time when my brain cant stop but my body says "Stop Now!". These beautiful bottles have been a definite rescue for me and these wonderful littles! I will be purchasing more next week, Our home can NOT be without these essences."
Charlotte M