Gaea’s Garden Discussion, April 27 2019

  Last night I sat down with our members and we had a relaxed discussion about truly natural skincare, Gaea’s Garden products and ingredients, and I gave out a few of my own personal “recipes” and handy tips for making your own products using our oils.  I also talked my background and personal journey to starting Gaea’s Garden, and the many criteria that I have for choosing ingredients, and why I insist on only the most pure and highest quality oils and essences.  I answered a lot of questions from our audience, and towards the end, several clients spoke up …

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Gaea’s Garden C60 Discussion, Oct 18, 2018

Last night Gaea’s Garden hosted a live video presentation on the topic of C60 fullerenes and updates on our latest C60 Product launches. After the presentation, we opened the floor for an extensive Q&A session and I was joined by a good friend and C60 Researcher, Phillip, to discuss the latest information and research, to answer questions from the audience, and to talk about “dosing” and what IS and what is NOT valid scientific research.  The Question & Answer section of the presentation is available to Gaea’s Garden Private Members and UU Members only.  If you’re like to learn more …

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C60s: the antioxidant causing a health care and longevity revolution

I am re-posting this excellent article from “What the Doctors Don’t Tell You” Magazine.  Author Cate Montana clearly outlines the science of C60 Fullerenes, how they work and why- in very simple terms that are easy to comprehend.  Here is the original SOURCE. For more information, research and in depth  studies on C60 Fullerenes, please visit our C60 Research page for the latest information- this page is always being updated as new research is published.   C60s: the antioxidant causing a health care and longevity revolution This little-known molecule—one of the world’s largest and also one of the most powerful antioxidants—is …

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