ER hand & foot balm

Extremities Remedies: Hand & Foot Balm

Hands & Feet: the extremities that take a constant beating and seldom get the attention they really deserve.

Your poor hands and feet!!!

Whether you’re a gardener, a doctor, a mechanic, or a mom… you know the feeling of dry, cracked & chapped skin, and the burning irritation & itch that follows. When your hands feel like velcro, and your feet feel like sandpaper, it’s just not fun, not fun at all.  But help is on the way!


Sometimes it seems that no matter what you do, your hands take a constant beating. Whether you’re a medical professional constantly scrubbing them, or a gardener elbows deep in the soil, or a cleaner, or a mechanic, or a potter, or a baker… your hands may end up extremely dried and chapped.  And that’s NOT good! 

When our skin is extremely damaged from soap, chemicals, disinfectants or any number of other things they regularly come in contact with, it’s imperative to take action immediately to keep your skin healthy and strong.  Chapped and dried out skin develops micro fine cracks that can easily become irritated and infected.

We created our Extremities Remedies, Hand & Foot Balm from all organic oils, butters and waxes, to deeply penetrate, moisturize and heal your skin.  We’ve used unrefined bees wax, which is a highly efficient humectant to help seal in moisture, and organic oils & butters, and essential oils, to aid healing and prevent infections.

Be Nice to your feet!!

You’ve only got two of them to take you where you want to go, and to keep you running when life is busy!!

Apply a small amount to clean dry skin- don’t forget those cuticles! For extreme healing, apply at night and wear a pair of socks and gloves to bed… Trust me!  Think of it as a deep moisturizing mask for your poor hands & feet.

Ingredients: organic shea Butter, organic argan oil, organic black seed oil, organic hemp seed oil, unrefined bees wax, organic macadamia nut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic neem oil, organic castor oil

Essential oils: English lavender, Moroccan lavender, spearmint, blue tansy, lemon myrtle

Give your hands & feet a spa day... they deserve it!