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Definitely not your "normal" family!

Who We Are

We’ve traveled and lived all over the world, from Africa to Europe, North America, Australia and South East Asia, meeting amazing people along the way who’ve become our true family. We all share a common vision: To change the world. To BE the Change that changes the world- from the ground up.

Our vision pulled us to work towards creating something that we can be proud of. To create a new company, with a business structure that we can stand firmly behind. One that is truly ethical, creating Authentic Products for Authentic People that are 100% Pure & Natural.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to change the way business is done. To move forward, creating a new paradigm of People working with People.

We work directly with individual farmers and small producers of exceptional oils and essences. We have developed a business paradigm that sees the “small guy” get paid for their hard work and energy. Working this way we can offer superior products that are good for you and good for everyone who has been involved. Not only will our products make you feel good on the outside, they will make you feel good on the inside, in knowing that you are supporting farmers, independent producers, and women’s cooperatives, and helping to create change.

about dani

I am a mother who has spent over 25 years learning to heal, and researching everything.

I have been blending essential oils, tinctures, herbs, waxes and clays, to create my own skincare and  healing treatments for over 25 years. During that time I have studied and researched Aromatherapy, Energy Healing, Reflexology, Accupressure, Massage Therapies, Herbalism and various bits and pieces of kitchen healing. I have no “degrees” or “doctorates”. I am not a medical professional. What I am is a mother who has spent a couple of decades learning to unfuck things and to heal anything.

….And I am a research addict.

I am extremely picky and refuse to allow ANY chemicals or toxic elements into the products I create. Every ingredient that is used in our products has been hand selected by me, with a focus on quality and purity at all times.

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Dani Arnold
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