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SOS Serum

To Soothe the Burn, the Itch, and the Sting!

Summer is Here!!

It’s time to ditch the socks and hoodies,  get your bare feet outside to enjoy the sunshine!  Nothing feels as good as feeling the warmth on your face after a long freezing winter of hiding indoors.

Sunshine not only feels good to your soul, but it is also good for YOU too!  Sunshine is the trigger that creates vitamin D in our bodies, which is vital for our health and wellbeing.  BUT….

…Too much Sun can turn a lovely Summer Day into a miserable experience. Over-exposure to the sun can be painful and dangerous. Wearing a hat, and light natural fiber clothing is the best way to minimize the sun’s rays when you’re out and about all day long. But if you’ve gotten a bit too much sun, relief is just a drop or two away!!

We can Help!

Gaea’s Gardens S.O.S Rescue Serum is made with pure Argan Oil & Black Seed Oil that is produced by the Berber Tribes on the edge of the Sahara Desert in Morocco. Combined with the highest quality of essential oils from the Atlas and Rif Mountains, this serum has been proven to sooth and ease the burn, bringing quick relief to your poor singed skin!

S.O.S Serum was made with to soothe and relieve sunburns, but our ingredients bring broad spectrum relief to many skin issues, including: insect bites, dermatitis & allergic rashes, itchy irritated skin,  and it even soothes  jelly fish stings!

The Secret to our SOS Serum is all in the ingredients!!  We only use absolutely pure ingredients of the highest quality. No chemicals, No toxins, No added colours or fragrance, and NO added fillers. When we say “100% pure”, we’re not even slightly exaggerating!

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Our SOS Serum is available in 100ml & 250ml bottles

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