Do you know what's growing in your neighborhood?

We live in the Garden of Eden

Yes, we do!  The United Kingdom is one of the most beautiful & bountiful lands in the world... trust me, I know!  Many people don't see the beauty that surrounds them, but England is one gigantic garden, and it grows every plant you need to be well, and eat well!

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We host open Foraging Walks all over the West Midlands! Our open public walks are listed on the Events page on WithOurOwnHands.  To Reserve your spot for any event please email us at:

Learning about all the healthy treats growing all around you is Fun AND Good for You

Let me take your group out for a walk, and along the way, I’ll show you what’s growing all around you.  We will focus on basic foraging skills, learning to identify easy to recognize plants and talk about what they are good for, and what’s the best way to pick them. I will show you what NOT to pick as well.  I love taking people walking through a local park, or out in the countryside- the choice is yours!

…and foraging is not just for adults!  I love working with kids and specifically with home education groups.  The kids will learns all sorts of new and wonderful plants and what to do with them, AND will learn about what plants we do NOT touch, and why.

We are based in the West Midlands....

But we are willing to travel to other areas of the UK, and arrangements can be made for several groups over a day or two.

Want to learn something new?

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I promise I don’t bite!  And my prices are very reasonable.  I work by donation: 

Each person/family pays what they are able to pay for their learning experience.

I firmly believe that no one should be left behind just because they can’t afford to learn! 

 We charge a £25 booking fee for anywhere in a 30 minute travel time radius from us (West Bromwich), £50 for 60 minute travel time radius,  and we can negotiate special rates for areas farther out.


Foraging for Food is a wonderful thing, especially in todays current economic depression.  While we always talk about the food growing abundantly around us, my primary focus is talking about the natural healing abilities of the various plants and trees that we’ll be showing you. 

“Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates (400 BC)

We can plan our outing according to the needs of your group- nice & easy going for children and those with mobility issues…. or we can climb and scramble around hillsides and ravines.  The choice is up to you!

Teaching & Foraging are two of my passions. I love to meet new people and to share the knowledge I have gathered over several decades of wandering among the flowers & trees.

Dani McKenny Chief Plant Picker

Company is made up of a group of highly skilled gardening landscaping professionals and who pays a lot of attention the small details. In the years of experience our staff keep your looking and functioning beautifully.

Alin Stive Developer

Gather your clan and let's go for a walk!

I try to keep groups to around 20-30 people, but arrangements can be made for larger groups too.  Do you know of a great location near you? Do you have everything you need for our foraging hike?

  • Sturdy walking shoes/boots
  • Jeans or long trousers
  • Long sleeve shirt or hoodie/jacket
  • Gardening gloves
  • A tool for cutting and maybe a small tool for digging
  • Bags or Baskets for carrying home your treasures

Then let's Go!!