Seasonal Tinctures & Oils

Seasonal Oils & Tinctures

From our very own organic gardens, and wild foraging, we create special Oil Soaks & Tinctures. 
Available seasonally in limited quantities.

My Favorite Flower Oils!

If you’ve ever watched any of my videos, then you’ll probably already know that Calendula is one of my most Favorite flowers. Calendula is amazing for your skin and every year I harvest my own organically grown calendula flowers and soak them in a blend of pure organic Argan & Black seed oils.  This year we have our original Calendula oil, and also our Calendula & Lavender Oil!

But you’d better hurry as they are only available a short time… once they are gone, we won’t be able to make more until next September!

Seasonal Tinctures

We regularly add new and seasonal tinctures that may not be listed here.  Check out our Shop for all our products that are currently available

Our Special Infused Oils

We organically grow heirloom herbs and flowers, and wild forage heritage plants from clean, unadulterated forests and meadows, to create special products that are only available in limited, seasonal quantities. All of our Flowers Oils are made are soaked in a base of unrefined Organic Argan and Organic Black Seed Oils, and slowly infused in cool dark spaces to protect them from the deteriorating effects of light and heat. These treasures are soaked for many weeks to make sure we get all of the amazing benefits into our saturated oils. These special seasonal products are only available in limited quantities, and once they are gone, they will not be available again until the seasons swing back their way!

The Purity

Two of the biggest drawbacks to using commercially available products, are poor quality base ingredients, and rarely knowing how they have been created & processed.  We use only quality organic oils that have been specially chosen to compliment & boost the benefits of the herbs and flowers we have picked. Both our Infused Oils & Tinctures are processed slowly, in cool dark spaces to insure that every last drop of goodness has been drawn out, without being damaged by light and heat

After soaking for 6-8 weeks, our infused Oils & Tinctures are then double filtered through 200 micron food grade mesh, (and some are then double infused for another 6-8 weeks!), and bottled in dark blue coloured glass, to seal in the goodness and protect from light damage. 
Always store your oils and tinctures in a cool dark cabinet to insure they do not lose their potency.