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When Life dumps you upside down

Introducing two NEW Essences to the EEE Collection!!

Introducing: “Oh the Insanity”, that I created in response to the…well, complete insanity of the past two years.  And “Little Souls”, a special Emergency Essence especially for our little ones who’ve enter into this world… of energetic insanity.

Life is like a box of Chocolates....

... you never know what you're going to get!

And sometimes life is like a B grade horror movie crossed with a 70’s rock opera with a dash of Monty Python thrown in just for kicks!!

No matter what life throws at us, we have to keep our balance and at least pretend to move through it with a sense of humor.  But sometimes… that’s just not so easy.

We live in a chaotic world that seemingly tries it’s best to keep us off balance and scrambling to regain our footing.  Sometimes we can handle what’s tossed our way with grace & ease…. and sometimes we end up hiding in our room, rocking back and forth with a package of baking chocolate in one hand and a mug full of cheap red wine in the other, whispering over and over “There’s no place like home… there’s no place like home…” in a desperate attempt to convince ourselves that it’s all just a strange delusional dream that eventually we will wake up from.

… I’d end that with a “lol”, but I know we’ve all been there at some point in time, and in that moment there is nothing funny about it.

Stress, anxiety, anger and yes even fear, seep in occasionally. Whether its from work, home, friends & family, the news, or social media, the origin doesn’t really matter. We are effected by the “seen” pressures- like politics, finance, environment, and society, and the “unseen” pressures- like geomagnetics, energy frequencies, and other invisible emotional triggers. Dealing with multi-faceted causes, requires help on multiple levels: physical, emotional, mental, and yes even “spiritual”, energetic, and levels of higher consciousness.  

Re-Introducing : Easy Emergency Essences.  These essences begin with a base of pure hemp seed or argan oil,  with essential oils that I have mixed to address multiple symptoms & responses, and very special crystal  & flower essences to heighten and amplify these rescue remedies, all mixed into a 10ml glass bottle with a dropper top for easy and quick application, whenever and wherever necessary. 

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Focus Pocus is an Essential Essence for those times when concentration is crucial Some times clear thinking turns a bit foggy. Focus Pocus was created to sharpen the mind and energize the spirit, so you can concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Ingredients: Hemp Seed oil, Essential oils: Rosemary, Basil, Melissa, Bergamot, Black Pepper, Lemon, Turmeric. Trace Ingredients: Distilled Water, Alcohol, Crystal and Shungite Essences.

Panic Mode is an Essential Essence for when the anxiety monster strikes. Whether it is a full blown panic attack, or a sudden wave of fear or anger, Panic Mode was created to instill a sense of calm, to help you take a moment to catch your breath and find your balance again.

Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Essential Oils: English Lavender, Myrtle, Frankinsense, Clary Sage, Bergamot, Melissa, Vetiver, Juniper Berry. Trace Ingredients: Distilled Water, Alcohol, Crystal and Shungite Essences.

Quietude is for the end of a long day. Some times its difficult to turn off the inner noise when it’s time for bed. Quietude was created to calm the mind & sooth the spirit, so you can drift off in a tranquil sea of serenity, and get the restful sleep you need.

Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Essential Oils: English Lavender, English Chamomile, Moroccan Chamomile, Clary Sage, Cedar Atlas. Trace Ingredients: distilled water, Alcohol, Crystal & Shungite Essences.

Good Morning Sunshine is for the beginning of a busy day! Some mornings are just sluggish & slow. Sunshine was created to wake the mind and invigorate the spirit, so you can get up and at ’em to tackle your busy day with a smile.

Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Essential Oils: Lemon, Vervain, Palm Rosa, Spearmint, Petitgrain, Geranium, Peppermint. Trace Ingredients: Distilled Water, Alcohol, Crystal & Shungite Essences.

Wobbly Woozy is for when your insides are not quite standing up straight. Whether it’s the morning after the night before, or just a day when the world is falling slightly sideways, Wobbly Woozy was created to settle the inner turmoil, so you can feel re-balanced and calm.

Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Essential Oils: Peppermint, Cedar Atlas, Ginger, Basil, Frankincense, Melissa, Cypress, Lemon. Trace Ingredients: Distilled Water, Alcohol, Crystal & Shungite Essences.

You’ve Got This! is an Essential Essence for when your world is upsidedown. When you’re hit with a wave of grief, anger, sadness, or frustration and you’re completely overwhelmed, this Essence was created to help you find your centre, ground yourself, re-balance and to remind you: You’ve got this!!

Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Essential Oils: Moroccan Chamomile, Turmeric, Basil, Geranium, Melissa, Palm Rosa, Rosewood. Trace Ingredients: Distilled Water, Alcohol, Crystal & Shungite Essences.

And Introducing Our Two Latest Additions to the Emergency Essences Line:

Oh the Insanity!  is an Essential Essence that emerged as a reaction to the current Global Hysteria. Since 2020 the world has been in constant turmoil, and the energies that are effecting us have been huge. To ground, to balance, to bring clear thinking, and to calm the soul to counter-act the Insanity.

Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Argan soaked Calendula, Lavender, Pine, Myrrh, Turmeric, Moroccan Chamomile, Cedar Atlas, Petitegrain. Trace Ingredients: Distilled Water, Alcohol, Crystal & Shungite Essences.

Little Souls Our Universe is a crazy place, full of intense energies, ups & downs, and emotions that our tiny ones can’t comprehend. Our sweet little souls need solace, calmness and love. This essence was designed to help soothe the wee ones in their daily adventures.

Ingredients: Argan Oil,  Argan soaked Rose, Calendula & Lavender, Lavender High Altitude, German Chamomile. Trace Ingredients: Distilled Water, Alcohol, Crystal & Shungite Essences.


The Love


I keep this treasure bag of emergency essences with me at ALL times! I am using each and every one of them daily, for me and for my 3 younger special needs children. For those times when chaos hits, over scheduled days, when i'm feeling out of balance, when the childrens ADHD brains are moving faster than their mouths and body can handle, or at night time when my brain cant stop but my body says "Stop Now!". These beautiful bottles have been a definite rescue for me and these wonderful littles! I will be purchasing more next week, Our home can NOT be without these essences.
Wow … I’ve just had two very powerful experiences with the Easy Emergency Essences. The first experience happened sometime last week. I woke feeling very anxious, with a tight knot in my tummy. I reached for Panic Mode, dabbed some on and within seconds the knot dissolved. The second experience was a few days later. I felt really overwhelmed by all the stuff I need to organise in the next few weeks. This time I reached for You’ve got This and again, within seconds, the feeling of overwhelm passed and I got all motivated and full of inspiration.