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I want to write a testimonial for Gaea’s Garden Black seed Oil C60. I had been suffering with an infection around my eyes that was raw, red and caused them to swell to the point I could not hardly see out of them. I had went the traditional route and got a script from my Dr. after a few days there was some improvement and after finishing the antibiotics it was still there. I had been plagued for several years with all kinds of infections bacterial, fungal, viral, and nothing seemed to actually cure anything for very long. When I received the Black Seed C60, I began to use it topically around my eyes as well as ingesting it too. Wow! in a mater of hours the rash and swelling dissipated and the redness diminished. In a few days I looked almost normal again and in a few weeks the persistent redness was gone! As an added benefit (I am 64) where I had applied the oil around my eyes all the wrinkles were gone too! I have now been free from infections for over 6 months and no visits to the Dr.’s office! It has helped in other ways as well. I feel so much better, energized, less physical pain and more! Thank you so much! – Rebecca USA

Extremities Remedies: Hand & Foot balm is easily absorbed and extremely nourishing. I really love the minty fresh feeling after using it. My dry skin is healing and for working mum and keen gardener it truly has been a miracle product, thank you.

SoS Serum has become my new favorite facial moisturizer. I suffer with rosacea and dermatitis my skin is extremely sensitive but your product has calmed and soothed and given my skin a healthy glow without any oily residue, fantastic and smells amazing!

– Felicity UK

I just love the Reset Elixir! my skin is ultra sensitive, difficult and mixed as well as mature (59), and I had the hardest time finding the right moisturiser… I’ve been using the Elixir for about 18 months, and it’s just wonderful, I don’t even need a moisturiser. Thank you Gaea’s Garden for your amazing and unique products. – Catherine UK

 I LOVE the SOS. I can see and  feel a difference in my skin already. Honestly, your products DO what you say they will. I have used Lancome and Channel, and prescription pharmaceuticals. NOTHING works like your products. I have shared my products with my husband, daughter, some of her friends, and my 78 yo sister. The difference in my husbands face and neck is phenomenal. He hunts me down every morning so I can “make me handsome again”! And he IS doubting Thomas. Everyone that I have shared with says they will be ordering. I hope they do. I know we’ll be regular dedicated customers. –Patricia L, USA

I have been using the C60 Black Seed Oil orally since it arrived, about a week or two ago, and I have noticed age spots seem to be fading from my arms already.  I am using 3 doses a day.


My husband, David, has suffered from respiratory illness for a couple of years now and nothing seems to help … until he received a gift package of C60 Oil. Within a month, his COPD symptoms subsided noticeably. Several of our housemates noticed that he was no longer breathless from crossing the room! We have tried CBD oil, which helps but not with the effectiveness of the C60 oil. Thank you, Dani, for making C60 available … you’re a God-send!


I love Gaea’s Garden skincare and oils. They are fabulous, and I have never received any products from any other company that are so carefully wrapped and packaged!

Diane M – Canada

“Gaea’s Garden skin care is for anyone who is finished and frustrated with chemicals, synthetics, and generally toxic products.
Dani goes to extensive lengths to source only the finest, purest, and most beneficial ingredients from folks who understand how vital the quality is for any health conscious consumer. Her Argan,Black Seed,Hemp and essential oils not only nourish the skin, but also the spirit. Her line of C60 products have become a staple for my entire family…even our dog. Living in the sunny state of Florida, they have proven to have so many benefits internally as well as topically. The Reset Cream has become a personal favorite for me and my teenage daughter (my husband too on occasion!). It has such an amazing texture leaving your skin refreshed, moisturized, and protected. The Emergency Essences she has created continue to surprise me with how effective they can be when life decides to throw you a curve ball and all you really want is some relief from the imbalance. An easy to use roll-on that can easily fit in a purse while out and about in the world is incredibly handy, and the scents are magnificent.
Just recently I began using Dani’s ‘Tress Relief as a remedy for my own color-treated tresses. The healing and re-strengthening was nearly immediate. When combined with a bit of Argan-C for my dry ends, a near magical remedy. The Neroli Sunrise Serum definitely came in handy after a recent day out on the water. After 4 hours of intense sun, my body was slightly burned, and being able to smooth a bit of this great smelling serum on my skin prevented the burn from intensifying and kept my skin hydrated while it smoothly transitioned to a nice golden tan. All in all, I cannot say enough about Gaea’s Garden. It means the world to me to fully trust Dani and the products she creates, knowing without any doubt that whatever item I buy is going to do what she says it will do, and improve, heal, and provide multiple benefits for my skin and the skin of my family. “
~Tracey Ledebur USA

As you can see, LOYAL and Grateful customer here! Currently I am using Reset, C60 in BSO (Black Seed Oil), topical ointments, oils and essences from Gaeas Garden. For over 20 years I struggled with debilitating asthma, culminating in stage 4 COPD.  I would pass out mid cough and find myself on the floor many times, and spent more time than I want to talk about in a hospital bed. NOTHING pharmaceutical touched it. I got angry and threw away $5000.00 worth of medications and prepared to just die, but that day didn’t come. I got better, not all the way, there was the mucus and occasional asthma attack, but I was functioning. My children, all adopted as infants through foster care and fully vaxxed were markedly vaccine damaged and the pharmaceuticals were pouring in for behavior, and topical cremes for skin issues also. I had enough, and I mean ENOUGH! Too much suffering in my home and the people we were supposed to trust were causing it!
The WONDERFUL thing about Gaeas Garden is that, its not just a page making claims on various products, it was a place to go where the research was listed, each ingredient, there were no secrets, no just take our word for it there was research, and slowly all chemicals and pharmaceuticals were replaced by REAL plant medicine, no side effects, just results.
Using the topical ointments, my kids bumps and bruises heal almost overnight, their skin issues are gone! Using the essences with a bit of detoxing, Jessica is no longer on a behavioral program at school and is on the A-B honor roll and in the Principals leadership group. Tristan went from an almost feral child … And this morning I got to witness him receiving a award for being on grade level receiving his first A-B honor roll award.
As for me, well I began to get spots on my face. When I was out and about one day I was told by a professional, THAT! Is skin cancer, go to the doc immediately. Ive been doctored enough, I went to the Gaeas Garden page and started treating it with the c60 in BSO, and taking that internally also, the spots are leaving, I feel fine! And as for fine, as long as I am taking that internally, I have little to no issues with the cough or mucus.  I have also been able to handle and overcome a few big life hits that emotionally felt like it could take me out, but the Emergency Essences are no joke folks! I roll those on and things do get calmer. Tristan has become so self aware through using them he comes to me and says, Mom! It feels crazy in my skin can I get some Dani Juice! Were a living example that you CAN heal naturally!
We are a thriving, pharma free, healing family because of the research and dedication behind Gaeas Gardens and its products, I cant express the gratitude we have for the knowledge and dedication that goes into these products.
Thank you Dani, I love you


I got stung by a wasp twice in Madagascar two weeks ago and the SOS serum was a life saver!

I have been using the reset cream/fixer elixir for a few months now and I am amazed at all the benefits I have found! It has replaced my concealer/foundation, which is not needed anymore. It makes your skin extremely smooth when putting it on. It works great on wrinkles and bags under my eyes. It also keeps acne away, and has reduced the redness in my face!
The black seed c60 oil is another favorite. I have been using black seed oil for about 5 years, but now my 6 year old and I use the c60 black seed daily. It is so great for anti inflammation and digestion issues. It reduces wrinkles and is amazing for sinus problems. I rub all over my sinuses and it instantly reduces the inflammation! I also have been putting it pn my feet for my heel spurs and tendinitis.
The SOS serum is great for any rash or sunburn, and I love the emergency essences, which I have at work and everyone uses daily depending on their mood.


C60 in Aragon review: I have chronic lower back issues and started using c60 in Aragon a little over a month ago. Within 3 days of applying it topically to my lower back, the inflammation went down and I was able to move freely again. After applying the oil to my back, Ive been using the remaining oil and have been applying it to my fingernails.. my nails are stronger than they have ever been!

Hi! I’ve been using c60 blackseed oil for around 10 days. Twice a day on my face. I’ve started taking 1 dropper full internally per day 2 days ago. By the 3rd day of using it on my face I started having little things emerge from my skin. It feels much smoother, and my poors are shrinking significantly! I have 2 flesh colored moles that I’ve had for over 15 years that seem to be getting smaller! I ordered more. I’m hoping that maybe larger sized bottles will become available in the future!!

We are using the c60 BS oils on my husband’s various brown spots that are somewhat like a wart, a fungal sort of thing (his parents had them), warts and skin tags, my dog’s yeast problem on her tail area and on my chemical burn from last year from an old sports bra (of all things…). I am using the c60 Argan oil on my face, neck, dry hands and elbows.

It has been 2 weeks now. For my husband’s issues, the spots are shrinking and raising while drying out, as are the tags and warts. It looks like they are healing “away”. We expect some that were raised to fall off in a few weeks. The spots used to itch. Not anymore. The tags are also starting to narrow and should fall off in a few weeks, too.

Being lucky to have oily skin, I have few wrinkles, usually only when I smile and two lines between my eyebrows from “resting bitch face” (smile). The c60 Argan oil is softening the few wrinkles I have and the two deep lines. I also seem to have my neck getting dry and looking at becoming wrinkled, which is tightening up and going away too. The chemically burned area marks on my right back shoulder area, under my arm and under the right breast are fading quickly. Best of all, the weird itch, especially between my breasts is now gone. I rub a few drops into my hands and elbows. I can knit, spin or do other things quickly after doing so. The oil soaks in quickly without leaving a greasy film. The skin looks nice and moist, not like I have been sandblasting or something.

My dog’s yeast issue is clearing up nicely. She is no longer trying to rub her skin off on her sleeping rug. The hair is not growing back yet, I know that will take months. She also gets 3 drops a day in her food as a boost.

We are very pleased with the results of Gaea’s Garden c60 Black Seed and Argan oils. Excellent creation, Dani!


My name is Nadine Carbone, I am 47years old and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 10 years ago. I cannot describe how hard life had been until I was introduced to C60. I had done a lot of research and tried many alternative treatments, one of which being CBD Oil.

Following the last visit to my doctor I was left feeling really upset & desperate. After a few days I was feeling too low and in too much pain so I decided to try the C60 which to be honest, even though I really believed in Gaea’s Garden products as every product I tried had a very positive effect on me, I was reluctant to try the C60 as I didn’t know much about it. However one evening I woke up at 2am and could not go back to sleep so I decided to read up and find out more about the C60. I was up all night and only read positive things about the C60 so the next morning I decided to give it a try and since then I have been so happy with the results so far. It has had really amazing positive effects with regards to the fibromyalgia.
1. The burning sensation I used to feel has completely disappeared!
2. I have also noticed a very positive effect on my skin. It used to be so Dry, Dehydrated & wrinkled however it is now looking so much better;
3. My nails are no longer brittle any more
4. Another Very Big Plus is that I had these red spots increasing all over my body for years, which were diagnosed to be liver spots, however they are now starting to disappear!!
5. I have been feeling so well & I am so happy to be sharing this Good News with you all!!!