Introducing Argan & Black Seed Oils with C60 Fullerenes

Once a secret of the Berber Tribes in the Sahara Desert of Morocco, Argan oil is now achieving world acclaim for its incredible medicinal and cosmetic properties. Modern science has proven that Argan Oil contains high levels of Omega 6 & 9 essential fatty acids, linoleic acid and vitamin E, which support the health and beauty of skin and hair.

Argan Oil  is a “Super Food” for your skin, containing  natural antioxidants for the prevention of premature aging.  More than that, it smooths all skin types through its super hydration, and defends and heals the skin from premature aging. 

Black Seed, or Nigele Sativa, is a simple seed that was considered “a remedy for every illness except death” in ancient Greece and Persia.  In our modern times, medical researchers & scientists are doing a stunning amount of research into Black Seed for:

*Fighting Cancer                      *Asthma
*Combating MRSA                  *Reduces High Blood Pressure
*Assists Type 2 Diabetes          *Prevents Radiation Damage   
*Reduces Epileptic Seizures     *Treats Psoriasis

And a side effect of Black Seed Oil that has continued to confound scientists: it encourages hair regrowth in men and women suffering from hair loss!

C60 Fullerenes

C60 Fullerenes, are a newly discovered natural Carbon molecule in the shape of a spherical ball, made of sixty carbon atoms.  Since being discovered in 1985, and one of the chief researches of Fullerenes being awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, C60 has taken the medical research world by storm.

Countless studies showed that fullerenes (C60) exhibit incredible potential in biology and medicine, including UV and radioprotection, antiviral, antioxidant activities, allergic response inhibitions, immune stimulating and anti-tumour effects, gene delivery, and even hair-growing activity.

C60 emulsified in pure organic oil is opening doors to amazing health benefits that even scientists are astounded by.

"this work should open the road towards the development of the considerable potential of C60 in the biomedical field, including cancer therapy, neurodegenerative disorders and ageing."

Concluding comments by Professor Fathi Moussa and team from the University of Paris, from the research study: "The prolongation of the lifespan of rats by repeated oral administration of C60 fullerenes"

Want to know more about C60 Fullerenes? Please visit our Research Page for an extensive listing of scientific and medical studies and papers on the benefits of C60

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