C60 Fullerenes: What are they? And how can they benefit me?


On June 14th 2018, I hosted a live presentation  on: “C60 Fullerenes: What are they? And how can they benefit me?”

Below you will find the video of the presentation.  After the presentation I opened the Chat to take questions, and I dove into further detail about how C60 is put into oils, our methods, and I discussed our own observations from the tests that we have run in our family and a small group of friends.  I have edited some of the Q&A to remove personal comments/information that came up during the discussion.

I am always available to answer any questions people may have.  I will add this note for absolutely clarification:  I am NOT a Doctor, nor do I have a medical licence.  I do not give “medical advice” and can only offer my personal perspective on results I have witnessed, or on studies and experiments that I have read and reviewed for information purposes only. None of my statements, comments or posts should be taken as “Medical Advice”.



C60 Presentation


C60: Questions & Answers



PDF of the C60 Presentation, June 14th 2018


C60 Presentation, June 14th 2018




3 thoughts on “C60 Fullerenes: What are they? And how can they benefit me?”

  1. Hey darlin, what sizes will there be and what’s the price? I’d like to preorder so I can get it ASAP

  2. Dani, I’m so disappointed I missed the live conversation. I’m very, very interested both the oils with C60.
    I started reading the research papers; I got a brain cramp.
    When digesting the oil would you place 2 drops under the tongue? or with a TBL of distilled water?
    Is there any research on CBD oil with C60?
    I have severe dermatitis on my legs due to Graves disease/Autoimmune disease. Last year I traveled to Mexico and didn’t realize the UVA was at 12-13 and because I was in the sun it triggered a severe skin rash. Dr gave me 2.5% hydrocortisone creme only because it was so inflamed. I really didn’t want to use it but it was just so uncomfortable and swollen. I would like to use only the C60 topically.
    I’ll also use it on my hands, I have severe osteoarthritis and now plaque psoriasis has developed on the palm of my hand. I will keep a journal on how it works on me with pictures.

    Thank you Dani
    Crazy Crone

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