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There are always new things happening in the Garden!  Bookmark this page to find out the latest promotions, new product launches, and what crazy things we’re getting up to this week!

Gaea's Garden New Body Products

Some classic "must haves", and our brand new "Nutrimyst" line of body sprays! Organic Oils & Hydrosols, with essential oils, crystal essences, tissue salts,and added minerals to feed your skin like nothing you've every used before!

A healthy scalp is VITAL for healthy tresses. Our ‘Tress Relief Serum was created to hydrate and heal the scalp from dermatitis & dandruff, to promote circulation and increased blood flow, and to moisturize, repair and promote hair growth. Let your hair shine with real health and vitality… now with added Black Seed C60!

To soothe the burn, the itch and the sting. S.O.S is a special blend of Argan & Black Seed Oil and essential oils to helping soothe & heal sunburns, but it’s ingredients bring broad spectrum relief to many skin issues, including: eczema, dermatitis, allergic rashes, itchy patchy skin, insect bites, and even jelly fish stings!

Gaea's Garden

Private Membership

Where Gaea’s Garden Loyal Clients have their own shop with special discounts & promotions, and a place to openly discuss & research our health and well being.

Latest Articles and Video Shows and Discussions

The Search for the Ultimate Delivery System

Dani’s Story The Search for the Ultimate Delivery System C60 Fullerenes are a relatively newly discovered Carbon molecule that has the natural shape of a spherical ball formed by sixty carbon atoms. After it’s discovery in 1985, one of the chief researchers of Fullerenes was awarded the Nobel Prize for

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Creating Natural Skincare

Well… perhaps not really “Magic” per se, but in line with Clarke’s third law : “Any sufficiently advanced technology (in this case, Science) is indistinguishable from magic”, I know that many people who do not comprehend the science of skincare have laughingly called it “magic”! Making lotions, creams, balms, and

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Gaea’s Garden Discussion, April 27 2019

  Last night I sat down with our members and we had a relaxed discussion about truly natural skincare, Gaea’s Garden products and ingredients, and I gave out a few of my own personal “recipes” and handy tips for making your own products using our oils.  I also talked my

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C60 and You- Gaea’s Garden Presentation

  Last night we hosted a Live Streamed event for Gaea’s Garden: C60 and You I spent a short time explaining what C60 is to those people who are new to “C60 Fullerenes” and wondering what all the hype is about. I discussed the research that has led me to

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Gaea’s Garden C60 Discussion, Oct 18, 2018

Last night Gaea’s Garden hosted a live video presentation on the topic of C60 fullerenes and updates on our latest C60 Product launches. After the presentation, we opened the floor for an extensive Q&A session and I was joined by a good friend and C60 Researcher, Phillip, to discuss the

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