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There are always new things happening in the Garden!  Bookmark this page to find out the latest promotions, new product launches, and what crazy things we’re getting up to this week!

Summer is Here!

Time to get ready for summer, and we have a Gift to help you soothe the burn, the itch, and the sting, so that you can enjoy every minute!
Every purchase over £10 will receive
a 10ml bottle of SOS Serum
Every purchase over £60 will receive
a 100ml bottle of SOS Serum

Our New Seasonal Oils & Tinctures

From our very own organic gardens, and wild foraging, we create special infuse oils & tinctures. These special seasonal products are only available in limited quantities, and once they are gone, they will not be available again until the seasons swing back their way!

Our Earthy Garden cleansing grains & mask pulls double duty, to cleanse, tone, exfoliate, detoxify, and condition your skin, to let your inner radiance out for the world to see.  Made with pure kaolin and bentonite clays for gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing, and diatomaceous earth for it’s  high quantities of silica that are vital for skin health.  With Green Tea and Lavender for their amazing anti-inflammatory and calming properties,  to heal, rejuvenate, and uplift the body and soul.

Tips & Tricks

Be sure to look for our “Tips & Tricks” windows in our articles and product listings!

I share all my little secrets to help & heal, and new ways to use our Gaea’s Garden creations to make life a bit easier.

Gaea's Garden New Body Products

Featuring our brand new Extremities Remedies: hand & foot balm, and "Nutrimyst" line of body sprays!

Your favorites are back!!

We have just relaunched some of our original skin care products, with new updated ingredients to take healthy skin to a whole new level. Welcome back Rose Velvet & Neroli Sunrise and our Bee Balms!

and Introducing.....

Our latest addition to our body products line: 
Extremities Remedies: Hand & Foot balm

Time to give your poor chapped and dried out hands and heels a spa day!!!!

A healthy scalp is VITAL for healthy tresses. Our ‘Tress Relief Serum was created to hydrate and heal the scalp from dermatitis & dandruff, to promote circulation and increased blood flow, and to moisturize, repair and promote hair growth. Let your hair shine with real health and vitality… now with added Black Seed C60!

To soothe the burn, the itch and the sting. S.O.S is a special blend of Argan & Black Seed Oil and essential oils to helping soothe & heal sunburns, but it’s ingredients bring broad spectrum relief to many skin issues, including: eczema, dermatitis, allergic rashes, itchy patchy skin, insect bites, and even jelly fish stings!