Gaea’s Garden Discussion, April 27 2019


Last night I sat down with our members and we had a relaxed discussion about truly natural skincare, Gaea’s Garden products and ingredients, and I gave out a few of my own personal “recipes” and handy tips for making your own products using our oils.  I also talked my background and personal journey to starting Gaea’s Garden, and the many criteria that I have for choosing ingredients, and why I insist on only the most pure and highest quality oils and essences.  I answered a lot of questions from our audience, and towards the end, several clients spoke up to give their own personal stories and their experience with our C60 and oils and products.


Our conversation continued after the show was over.  The recording of the after-show discussion will be available to private members later today.


Please visit our new Testimonials page on Gaea’s Garden to read what our clients think of our products.  If you would like to add your product review or testimonial to our site, please email it to dani (at) Gaeasgarden dot com


Dani’s Recipes

Skin Conditioners:

50ml distilled water

20ml Apple cider vinegar(“ACV”-organic, like Braggs)

30ml Pure Argan oil- or 30ml of a blend of Argan, Black Seed, Hemp Seed oils

Add up to 2% of essential oils

in a 100ml spray bottle- shake  well every few sprays to make sure the contents stay blended.


Mozzie Spray

30ml distilled water

30ml ACV

30ml Black Seed oil

add essential oils

4ml citronella

3 ml lavender

2 ml thyme

1 ml cedarwood

1 ml lemon eucalyptus

all ingredients in a clean 100ml spray bottles-shake  well every few sprays to make sure the contents stay blended.


Oil Pulling blend

30ml coconut oil (organic, NOT fractionated)-gently heated to it’s liquid form

30 ml Black Seed oil

20ml olive oil (organic)

Add essential oils

1ml peppermint

.5ml spearmint

3 drops oregano

3 drops clove

all all ingredients while coconut oil is liquid, blend very well with a wisk and store in a sterile glass jar