Gaea’s Garden Discussion, April 27 2019

  Last night I sat down with our members and we had a relaxed discussion about truly natural skincare, Gaea’s Garden products and ingredients, and I gave out a few of my own personal “recipes” and handy tips for making your own products using our oils.  I also talked my background and personal journey to … Read more

Gaea’s Garden C60 Discussion, Oct 18, 2018

Last night Gaea’s Garden hosted a live video presentation on the topic of C60 fullerenes and updates on our latest C60 Product launches. After the presentation, we opened the floor for an extensive Q&A session and I was joined by a good friend and C60 Researcher, Phillip, to discuss the latest information and research, to … Read more

C60s: the antioxidant causing a health care and longevity revolution

I am re-posting this excellent article from “What the Doctors Don’t Tell You” Magazine.  Author Cate Montana clearly outlines the science of C60 Fullerenes, how they work and why- in very simple terms that are easy to comprehend.  Here is the original SOURCE. For more information, research and in depth  studies on C60 Fullerenes, please visit … Read more