The Search for the Ultimate Delivery System

Dani's Story

The Search for the Ultimate Delivery System

C60 Fullerenes are a relatively newly discovered Carbon molecule that has the natural shape of a spherical ball formed by sixty carbon atoms. After it’s discovery in 1985, one of the chief researchers of Fullerenes was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Since that moment, C60 has taken the medical research world by storm.

During the past 25 years that I have been creating and researching natural skincare, I have been searching for the “ultimate delivery system”.  Let me explain:  When we are dealing with the skin, no matter if it’s on your face or your feet, no matter if it’s the highest quality oils and essences or cheap crappy lotion from the dollar store, whatever you apply to the skin will only absorb a certain depth into the layers of the skin.  Various oil molecules have different ratios of absorption and the size and shape of the molecules have a large effect on just how deeply they will saturate the skins outer tissue.  For example, mineral oil is found in almost EVERY commercial body/facial moisturizer on the planet- it’s a cheap filler. Mineral oils has quite a large molecule and only absorbs through the very top layer of dead skin cells… the rest just lays on the surface of the skin, giving the illusion of “moisture”. When we look at where skin problems begin, be it acne, wrinkles, eczema, or even allergic dermatitis, it almost always starts deeper in the Dermis layers of our skin, where oils and essential oils really cannot reach.  So we treat the surface epidermis the best that we can, and continuously search for a delivery system that will allow for deeper penetration of oils and essences, delivering the “package” to the tissues that really need it most.

There have been contenders for the position of delivery driver, but most have been made with highly questionable chemicals.  The one hope I had turned out to be unusable, not because it didn’t work- it most certainly DID!- but because of the side effects.  DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), is a potent scavenger of free radicals, and has been scientifically proven to be able to “encapsulate” medicines, oils, etc and carry them deep into the tissues… the only problem is: THE SMELL!  A single drop on your skin will instantly travel pretty much through your entire body and you will be able to TASTE it on your tongue within 1 minute, and with any amount of continuous usage, you will begin to emit the smell of garlic through your pores. This might be something that someone with serious illnesses will put up with, but most of us just aren’t ready to pay that price for good skin!  And so my continuous search for the “ultimate delivery system” continued…

Late 2017 I heard about an amazing new product, a newly discovered molecule that could very well be the answer I’ve been looking for…

C60 Fullerenes

The “Buckyball”

I have spent a massive amount of hours over the past 2 years researching C60, reading hundreds of scientific and medical studies and talking to researchers about this amazing molecule.  As I said above at the beginning of this discussion, research into C60 has shown a huge amount of promise in multiple areas of health and healing: C60 is one of the best antioxidants every studied and is a powerful free radical scavenger, along with strong antiviral and antibacterial responses, its been proven to stimulate the immune system…  The list goes on and on, and every day more studies are being done in different areas of biology, medicine and cosmetology.  There has been a huge buzz through the internet as show after show have gone viral talking about the miracle of C60.  Well known independent journalists and researchers have publicly shared tons of information about it, you only have to do a quick search on YouTube to find hours and hours of video information….

… BUT… For me, when I reviewed all of the scientific studies and the stacks of research on C60 Buckminsterfullerenes, there were pieces of information missing, and most importantly, in my opinion, most of even the most well respected scientist were missing a huge piece of the puzzle.  The mistake that I’ve seen, across the board, is that almost ALL of the scientists and researchers have studied the C60 as a separate ingredient, without examining the major variable that was right in front of them:  The OIL.  Almost every scientist and researcher I’ve listened to and discussed C60 with, have only viewed C60 as the “miracle ingredients”, and they have shrugged off the oil that the fullerenes have been emulsified into, as nothing more than a carrier for the C60Fullerenes.

In my opinion this perception is missing a major factor:  The C60 IS the “Ultimate Delivery System” for the Oils!!!

Because of this omission in perspective, vast majority of the c60 Fullerene products that are currently being produced and marketed, are either made from inferior quality oils, such as commercially sold “Olive” oil (please research commercial “olive” oil, you will discover that 90% of what you see in stores is NOT Olive oil, and the majority of the rest is of inferior quality, from hybridized trees that have little to no medicinal value), or Sunflower oil which carries a toxic load (yes, even “organic”) (and you may want to research the new definition of “organic”), or in fractionated coconut oil, in which the fractionation process has removed most of the beneficial fatty acids and healthy components like lauric acid, rendering it into an oil that can only barely be called “coconut”.  This may not seem to be a big issue to a lot of people, but the missing pieces of the puzzle that is not talked about is that the C60 molecule when it is suspended into oil, encapsulates the oil and then carries that oil with it, INTO the tissues and INTO the cells and INTO the bloodstream.

Do you comprehend how important the quality of the oils being mixed with C60 Fullerenes are?

Let’s turn this around a bit and look at this from the perspective of the C60Fullerenes being the actual “delivery system”.  We now have a molecule that we KNOW can be suspended in oil, and can then encapsulate that oil, and carry it into the tissues and into the cells.  We already know about the amazing benefits of Organic Argan Oil for the skin. We already know that it is an amazing healer, that it improves elasticity and encourages collagen production, increases skin hydration, improves skin tone & texture, and helps to smooth dehydration lines and wrinkles. We already know that Black Seed oil has unbelievable health benefits and healing properties- there have been even more medical and scientific studies done on Black Seed  than have been done on C60!

Now imagine super boosting these healing factors with C60 Fullerenes, which will allow these oils to be actually delivered to where the health  problems all began! 

All of the incredible benefits of C60, combined with all the skin healing benefits of Organic Argan oil, Organic Black Seed Oil and Organic Hemp Seed Oil.

THIS is where old world ingredients meets new world chemistry, bringing together elements that will change how we look at health and healing.