ER hand & foot balm

Extremities Remedies: Hand & Foot Balm Hands & Feet: the extremities that take a constant beating and seldom get the attention they really deserve. Your poor hands and feet!!! Whether you’re a gardener, a doctor, a mechanic, or a mom… you know the feeling of dry, cracked & chapped skin, and the burning irritation & itch that follows. When your hands feel like velcro, and your feet feel like sandpaper, it’s just not fun, not fun at all.  But help is on the way! Sometimes it seems that no matter what you do, your hands take a constant beating. Whether …

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The Search for the Ultimate Delivery System

Dani’s Story The Search for the Ultimate Delivery System C60 Fullerenes are a relatively newly discovered Carbon molecule that has the natural shape of a spherical ball formed by sixty carbon atoms. After it’s discovery in 1985, one of the chief researchers of Fullerenes was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Since that moment, C60 has taken the medical research world by storm. During the past 25 years that I have been creating and researching natural skincare, I have been searching for the “ultimate delivery system”.  Let me explain:  When we are dealing with the skin, no matter if it’s …

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