Essential Oils

Essential Oil: The Essence of Life

Essential Oils are the liquid Essence from the flower, leaves, roots, bark, or seeds from plants and trees. This essence contains not only the essential aroma of the plant, like Roses or Chamomile, but also all of the medicinal and therapeutic properties of the plant, root, flower or tree as well.

Like all of the Oils we use, the Essential Essences that Gaea’s Garden uses in all of our products are chosen with the highest rigorous standards of purity and quality. All of the essential oils that go into our products are steam distilled from plants, flowers and trees that have not been contaminated by pesticides, chemicals, or toxins of any kind.

Many of our products feature very special rare essential oils. These essential essences come from high up in the Rif Mountains of Morocco, where the plants are harvested by hand in the mountain valleys. Wildcrafted Herbs, Trees and Flowers that have an ancient lineage, that have grow for centuries and are untouched by modern meddling. These heritage plants still carry their original medicinal values, unaltered by genetic modification, chemical pollutants and cross pollination.

It is unfortunate that most essential oils that come from Europe and North America come plants that are polluted and highly corrupted by modern farming techniques, cross politation that is tainted with genetically altered plants, and cross bread with other species of plants to create “designer” flowers and herbs that cater to the perfume industry and corporate consumerism.

In the Rif Mountains of Morocco, we are working with a family that has created a village cooperative to gather wildcrafted herbs and flowers, and then steam distille them at their peak freshness to bring out their amazing essential oil. One of most incredible essences is Moroccan Chamomile. The unassuming wildflower that produces this oil is called “Blue Tansy” in North America and Europe, yet, the heritage Tansy that grows in the mountains of Morocco is vastly different. While it’s much poorer cousins in America and Europe have had generations of pollution and cross pollination that have watered down much of their medicinal value, Moroccan Chamomile plants in the Rif Mountains have remained untouched by time. This essential oil has the deepest indigo blue colour that is never seen in any of the modern Chamomile family of essential oils. It’s fragrance has an instant effect, both physically and mentally, to calm mind and relax the body. This is the essential oil that gives our S.O.S Serum it’s signature colour.

Other essential oils from the Rif Mountains that we use in many of our hand crafted skincare products are all ancient heritage, wild gathered herbs: Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary and Mint. Each is amazing and far surpasses the usual farmed herbs that are mass produced and genitically altered.

Lavender & Neroli Essential oils from the deep south of Morocco are also essences that we feature in many of our products. Much like the Moroccan Chamomile and wild Rif Mountain Herbs, our Lavender and Neroli essential oils far surpasses the mass produced oils from southern Europe and India.

The Lavender Essential Oil that we use, is very rare indeed.  Most lavender essential oil contains only the steam distilled essence of just the tiny flowers. This is due to the perfume industries desire for “pretty” and not functional. Our Lavender Essential Oil is steam distills not just the flowers, but the the whole plant.  This increases the healing potency of the Lavender Essence to it’s highest level. 

Neroli Essence is one of the most sought after oils in the world.  The fragrance is instantly uplifting, invigorating and relaxing all at the same time, and brings a blissful smile to anyone’s face. Neroli is one of the most expensive essential oils in the world as it takes a tonne of flowers to produce just one kilogram of this exquisite essential essence, yet it is worth every bit of the price.

Everywhere we travel, we look for those very special essences that are pure and untampered with, and that have not been contaminated by pesticides, chemicals, or toxins of any kind, and are absolutely 100% NOT GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). We strive to meet small independent producers and farmers who are just as passionate as we are about the oils they produce. This way we can insure that we are bringing you only the very best and highest quality essential oils in everyone of the products that we make.