NEW C60 in Hemp Seed Oil… and new sizes!

Organic Hemp Seed Oil C60, in 50ml & 100ml 

Pre-Sale Orders are now OPEN!!

Our new Organic Hemp Seed Oil Has arrived and we are now taking pre-order for our pure organic cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil,  combined with C60 fullerenes!

Our first batches will be ready to ship by Mid November.  Available in 50ml and 100ml 

Hemp seed is without a doubt one of the most nutritionally valuable seeds. For thousands of years, hemp has been consumed  for it’s exceptional nutrition.  In recent years, science has shown the amazing benefits of Hemp for human health. What makes hemp seed and hemp oil so valuable? Hemp oil is especially rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (approx. 90%) , vital for the human body’s health. Hemp Seed Oil contains essential fatty acids linoleic acid (50-70%) and alpha linoleic acid (15-25 %) ; particularly omega-3 fatty acids alpha linoleic acids that are rarely present in such large proportions. A very balanced composition of fatty acids makes hemp oil one the most valuable edible oils. 15 to 20 grams of hemp oil is sufficient to meet the daily human nutrition requirements in essential fatty acids. As part of a daily supplement, hemp oil protects us from a variety of metabolic, arteriosclerotic, vascular and cardiovascular illnesses that are partially caused by excessively high amounts of saturated and trans-saturated fatty acids in processed foods and cooking oils.

Hemp oil is suitable for steaming or stewing as long as high temperatures are avoided. It can also be used for salad dressings, bread spreads, marinades and dips.

Gaea’s Garden Hemp Seed Oil is available in 100ml green glass bottles, or 250ml plastic bottles (We strongly suggest that you transfer your Hemp Seed Oil into a clean sterilized glass bottle or jar when you receive your order!)

And now you can order your favorite C60 oils in 100ml glass bottles!

Starting mid October, you will now be able to purchase Argan C60, Black Seed C60, and Hemp Seed C60 in 50ml or 100ml glass bottles.  Each bottle is carefully wrapped to make sure not a single drop is lost during shipping.